Critical Life Events and the Dynamics of Inequality: Risk, Vulnerability, and Cumulative Disadvantage


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CRITEVENTS studies the impact of two critical life events – job loss and union dissolution – on the life trajectories of adults and their children.

The main objectives are to understand:

  1. How job loss and union dissolution contribute to the accumulation of (dis)advantage over the life course;
  2. What mechanisms explain the (unequal) impact of these events;
  3. Which work and family policies are effective in targeting these mechanisms in order to reduce inequality.

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Advisory board:
Giuliano Bonoli, Social Policy, University of Lausanne
Daniela Del Boca, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, University of Torino
Eva Bernhardt, Professor emerita of Demography, Stockholm University
Ruben van Gaalen, Demography, Statistics Netherlands and Endowed Chair Amsterdam