Application of the EU-SILC 2011 data module “intergenerational transmission of disadvantage” to robust analysis of inequality of opportunity

Authors: Francesco Andreoli, Alessio Fusco,
Issue: 2019
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This data article describes the original data, the sample selection process and the variables used in Andreoli and Fusco (Andreoli and Fusco, 2019) to estimate gap curves for a sample of European countries. Raw data are from 2011 roaster of EU-SILC, cross-sectional sample of module “intergenerational transmission of disadvantage”. This article reports descriptive statistics of the using sample. It also discusses the algorithm adopted to estimate the main effects and details the content of additional Stata files stored on the online repository. These additional files contain raw estimates from bootstrapped samples, which form the basis for estimating gap curves and their variance-covariance matrices. The data article also reports representations of gap curves for all 16 selected countries.