LGBT discrimination, harassment and violence in Germany, Portugal and the UK: A quantitative comparative approach

Authors: Sait Bayrakdar, Andrew King,
Issue: 2022
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This study investigates the ways in which LGBT individuals in Germany, Portugal and the UK continue to experience discrimination, harassment and violence despite legal measures designed to protect them. 

Using an online questionnaire, the researchers gathered information from almost 20,000 people in Germany, 6,600 in the UK and 2000 in Portugal.

The results show trans individuals are more at risk of experiencing negative incidents than cisgender gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals in all three countries. Among cisgender LGB individuals, lesbians seem most at risk of discrimination and harassment, while gay men are more at risk of violence.

The research uncovers a nuanced picture:  gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability and age all influence the likelihood of experiencing negative incidents, and those who have greater socioeconomic resources are less likely to do so.