UK Legislative Lives: Illustrating Intersectional LGBTQI+ Lifecourse (In)equalities

Authors: Yvette Taylor,
Issue: 2020
Link to Publication (External Site)

In attempting to convey some of the LGBTQI+ lives made possible and rendered impossible over time it is easy to fall into a simple narration of progress; that things are ‘getting better’, that younger generations are less homophobic and transphobic, and that queer lives have come out from underground, uplifted by legislation.

Samia Singh designed an illustration of a timeline that represents some of the key social and legislative moments remembered by CILIA interviewees (even when they had not lived in those times).

As the timeline depicts, the ‘progress’ is grounded in repeated conversations, sometimes frustrations, over years that things (resources, recognition, expectations, legalities…) are changing and continuing.

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