Claudio Zoli

From unidimensional to multidimensional inequality: a review

Authors: Francesco Andreoli, Claudio Zoli,
Issue: 2022
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We review results concerning the representation of partial orders of univariate distributions via stochastic orders and investigate their applications to some classes of stochastic dominance conditions applied in inequality and welfare measurement. The results obtained in an unidimensional framework are extended to multidimensional analysis. We discuss difficulties arising from aggregation of multidimensional distributions into synthetic … Read more

Urban poverty: Measurement theory and evidence from American cities

We characterize axiomatically a new index of urban poverty that i) captures aspects of the incidence and distribution of poverty across neighborhoods of a city, ii) is related to the Gini index and iii) is consistent with empirical evidence that living in a high poverty neighborhood is detrimental for many dimensions of residents’ well-being. Widely … Read more