PremLife in Finnish ‘the Eve of the World Prematurity Day’ live stream event

The PremLife project joined a live stream event hosted by the Developmental Psychology Research Group from University of Helsinki together with the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, the University of Turku, the University of Oulu, and KEVYT the Finnish society for parents of preterms on the 16th of November 2020 – in other words, on the Eve of World Prematurity Day.

Here you can listen to presentations about the history of neonatal care for preterm borns in Finland, the experiences of parents of preterm children, and the educational trajectories of preterms, the latter of which was given by Professor Jani Erola (University of Turku), the co-PI in the LIFETRACK and EQUALLIVES projects of DIAL. The linked recording of the event includes also a panel discussion with, for example, two PIs of the PremLife project, Professor Katri Räikkönen (University of Helsinki) and Eero Kajantie, MD, PhD (the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare; University of Oulu). Please note that the presentations and panel discussion are in Finnish.