Andrew King

LGBT discrimination, harassment and violence in Germany, Portugal and the UK: A quantitative comparative approach

Authors: Sait Bayrakdar, Andrew King,
Issue: 2022

This study investigates the ways in which LGBT individuals in Germany, Portugal and the UK continue to experience discrimination, harassment and violence despite legal measures designed to protect them.  Using an online questionnaire, the researchers gathered information from almost 20,000 people in Germany, 6,600 in the UK and 2000 in Portugal. The results show trans … Read more

Queer(y)ing Agent-Based Modelling: An example from LGBTQ workplace studies

This paper explores the ways in which Agent Based Modelling (ABM) can contribute to the study of LGBTQ lives, and conversely, how theory and insights from LGBTQ studies can inform the practice of ABM. In doing so, it introduces an example model of LGBTQ workplace inequality to illustrate several uses and challenges associated with research … Read more

Job Satisfaction and Sexual Orientation in Britain

This research looks at how satisfied lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals are at work compared with their heterosexual peers. Using British data, the researchers find lower satisfaction levels for bisexual men only and also that policies designed to promote equality for LGB(T) workers have no direct impact on how satisfied workers are. Results showed that … Read more