Felix Bittmann

Diversion or inclusion? Alternative routes to higher education eligibility and inequality in educational attainment in Germany

Authors: Steffen Schindler, Felix Bittmann,
Issue: 2022
Themes: ,

In the 1960s, educational reforms have been initiated in Germany to make the rigid stratified school system more permeable. While maintaining between-school tracking in secondary education, several second-chance options have been introduced that established alternative routes to higher education. This study aims to evaluate whether these alternative routes were successful in reducing the levels of … Read more

Analysing Diversion Processes in German Secondary Education: School-Track Effects on Educational Aspirations

Authors: Felix Bittmann, Steffen Schindler,
Issue: 2022
Themes: ,

Educational aspirations can be regarded as a predictor of final educational attainment, rendering this construct highly relevant for analysing the development of educational inequalities in panel data settings. In the context of the German tracked secondary school system, we analysed school-track effects on the development of educational aspirations. Using data from five consecutive waves of the … Read more

How does exposure to a different school track influence learning progress? Explaining scissor effects by track in Germany

Authors: Claudia Traini, Corinna Kleinert, Felix Bittmann,
Issue: 2021

The researchers in this study use the German National Educational Panel Study to compare data on the reading and mathematics scores of almost 1600 pupils in the upper and intermediate school tracks between 2010 and 2015. Even after controlling for differences in students’ backgrounds and prior attainment, they find that those on the upper track … Read more