Coming this spring: LIFETRACK project’s special issue on secondary school tracking and labour market outcomes

The journal Longitudinal and Life Course Studies will publish soon a very interesting special issue on secondary school tracking and labour market outcomes prepared by the LIFETRACK project. Some of the papers are already available as fast track articles.

The special issue includes the following papers:

    • Editorial by Steffen Schindler.
    • An article examining upper secondary school tracking, labour market outcomes, and intergenerational inequality in Denmark by Jesper Fels Birkelund, Kristian Bernt Karlson, and David Reimer.
    • Queralt Capsada-Munsech and Vikki Boliver’s article on the early labour market returns to upper secondary qualifications track in England.
    • An article by Eyal Bar-Haim and Yariv Feniger analysing how the Israeli system of sorting children into one of five programmes for their upper secondary school education affects their higher education attainment and earning prospects in their early thirties.
    • An article by Claudia Traini, Corinna Kleinert, and Steffen Schindler that investigates to what extent track attendance in secondary education affects labour-market prospects of West German individuals with similar starting conditions.
    • Laura Heiskala, Jani Erola, and Patricia McMullin’s article on how Finnish students’ track placement at upper secondary school is associated with their later-life socio-economic status and probability of unemployment.
    • An article in which Estelle Herbaut, Carlo Barone, Mathieu Ichou, and Lous-André Vallet examine the consequences of following an academic versus vocational path in upper secondary school in France in terms of job attainment and earnings at the entrance into the labour market.
    • Carlo Barone, Moris Triventi, and Marta Faccini’s article looking at the long-term effects of pupils’ choices between academic and vocational tracks at age 14 in Italy.

Information about and links to all the articles of the special issue will be added here, so stay tuned for updates!